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Services We Offer
Audio Services;
We are young, talented Sound, Lighting & AV engineers working freelance in the UK. We believe that we are very competent; We have been working in the industry for 6 years, working on a number of gigs and festivals in the UK, with the ability to use a wide range of equipment. We have received a high level of training and  pride ourselves on a high standard of mixing and communication, receiving very positive feedback from other engineers, musicians and the general public we work with (please see my references).
As well as sound engineer skills, we also bring a level of integrity and commitment to the jobs we do, we have good time management skills and strive for excellence in all the jobs we do.
Services We Offer
1. Freelance Sound Engineer Services
2. Freelance Studio & Live Recording
3. Freelance Audio Production
4. PA, Lighting, Video & Stage systems Hire
5. Sound Engineering Training
6. Custom Audio Equipment Design to suit your requirements
7. Installations of Sound, Lighting Rigs & Video systems into any building
8. We are also able to offer a Consultancy Service to provide with the help & Support you need.
9. Custom made XLR and Jack Cables & Multicores. We sell Other Consumables.

 A strong ability to mix, front of house and monitors.
 Setting up and maintaining PA systems, lighting rigs, Video systems and staging of all sizes.
 The ability to use a wide range of mixing desks, both analogue and digital.
 A strong knowledge of sound, video & lighting.
 Teaching and Training other people in sound, video & Lighting engineering.
 Soldering audio cables & wiring power plugs.
 Good communication skills with other engineers and bands/acts.